High pressure solutions for thorough casting

Casting products are subject to residues after the manufacturing process. URACA offers solutions that can be used to clean castings quickly and thoroughly. The products then meet the strict quality requirements for further processing. Using the high-pressure water jet method, comprehensive cleaning and gutting is possible even in areas that are hard to reach and the finest structures.

Our services for your benefit

  • solutions individually adapted to the cleaning task
  • removal of cast residues of all kinds
  • flexible cleaning of different geometries
  • environmentally friendly cleaning method
  • reliable system components
  • designed for 3-shift operation and many load changes
  • optimal water balance
  • cleaning pressures individually configurable

Areas of application of cast iron coring

The gutting and cleaning of cast products and molds sustainably ensures the reliability and quality of the cast products. The removal of production residues or particle dirt ensures perfect function and safety of the components and enables the further processing of the castings.

Industrial sectors such as the automotive industry for components constantly increase the quality requirements for cast components for components such as gearboxes, motors or brakes. URACA relies on the high-pressure water jet method for cast iron core removal. It allows extensive cleaning and gutting of cast products and removes dirt or residues even in areas that are hard to reach. Even fine structures and channels can be gutted precisely without damaging the components.

Application examples for cast iron core removal include pistons, precision castings, steering housings, crankcases, cylinder heads, hydraulic parts, gear cases, cylinder blocks, cast iron housings, cast screws and casting molds.

Special challenges of casting gutting

Due to the high demands of the industry and ever more complex and shorter production processes, cast iron core removal faces special challenges. For example, the automotive industry places extreme demands on manufacturing accuracy and reproducibility. At the same time, just-in-time production requires punctual availability of the required components.

Today foundries are no longer forced to produce and deliver workpieces on time, but also to make them ready for installation, properly gutted and completely washed. Cast iron core removal with the high-pressure water jet method provides the foundries with suitable solutions to meet the requirements of their customers.

Advantages of the cast iron core removal with high pressure water jet method

The high-pressure water jet process meets the high demands that industry places on cast iron core removal. URACA is the ideal partner with a lot of experience and know-how in this field. With URACA high-pressure pumps and high-pressure tools you will achieve perfect results.

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