The right high pressure spray gun

for every need

The professional high pressure tools from URACA are used where thorough cleanliness or the effective removal of materials is essential. Excellent quality, ergonomic handling and large number of available accessories make URACA the ideal partner for your daily cleaning tasks.

Benefits of the URACA high pressure tools

  • robust, reliable and long-lasting quality products
  • low pull-off and holding forces
  • light-weight construction and ergonomic design
  • large volume flow, low pressure loss
  • consistent safety concept
  • ATEX-conform design available
  • individual adjustment possible by using accessories
  • can be combined with units from other manufacturers

In the URACA portfolio you will find the right tool for every high pressure use Whether washing, cleaning or removing material layers, with an operating pressure of up to 3000 bar the possible applications are almost limitless.

High pressure spray guns and spray lances

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Spray guns and spray lances for numerous application areas

URACA spray guns and spray lances are suitable for a large number of uses where a high volume flow and low pressure losses are needed. 

In industry, cleaning with high pressure water and the care of many system components such as containers, boilers or pipes are part of the regular maintenance tasks. The powerful water jet from the spray guns and spray lances from URACA reliably removes production residues or accumulations of dirt, even at places that because of their geometry or position are hard to reach. The thorough cleaning of filter baskets or heat exchangers is also possible in this way without problems.

Whether for façade cleaning, intensive overhead work or for removing paint from workpieces – URACA always offers you the suitable high pressure solution.

Reliable and flexible

While a high pressure spray gun has an integrated shut-off valve, which can be activated by moving the trigger, the shut-off on a spray lance is on the unit itself. Spray lances are therefore described as "open consumers". As a result of the lower weight, they are particularly ergonomic and prevent high pull-off forces even at very high pressures. 

The devices can and must also be fitted with an shoulder rest for absorbing the large recoil forces, an adjustable additional handle for the spray tube or a proximity switch for electric position sensing for the remote control. Modular remote control systems make effective use easier. With this, URACA offers an uncomplicated and flexible working device with simultaneous maximum application safety. 


URACA spray lances and spray nozzles are extreme resistant and can be used universally. Depending on the area of application, URACA offers various system components that are tailored to each other for a perfect result. This gives you a powerful tool helper that supports you with maximum performance. Do you have a cleaning task that URACA can solve for you? Then get in touch.