High pressure nozzles

for high cleaning efficiency

The high-pressure nozzle is very small, but extremely important. Its design determines the efficiency of high-pressure cleaning. Optimum interaction between nozzles and the pumps used is required. URACA supplies different types of nozzles for different applications such as nozzles with round cross-sections, fan nozzles, tube cleaning nozzles, rotor nozzles or special nozzles.

Advantages of URACA high-pressure nozzles

  • sturdy design
  • suitable materials
  • nozzles in different designs
  • low-wear operation

URACA High-pressure nozzles at a glance

URACA offers a wide range of different high-pressure nozzles for various cleaning applications.


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The different types of high-pressure nozzles

URACA high-pressure nozzles can be divided into the following categories:

Nozzles with round cross-sections are used, for example, in spray guns, rotating cleaning heads, floor cleaners or concrete removal robots. The emerging water jet is bundled at specific points and achieves an optimum effect on impact. The steel nozzles are available for pressures up to 3,200 bar and some are fitted with sapphire or diamond inserts.

This nozzle type is available with different opening angles. The fan jet emerging at high pressure is fanned out and causes an even, efficient surface treatment. Fan nozzles can be designed as plug-in nozzles or have a conical thread. The operating pressure ranges up to 3,000 bar. Opening angles of up to 65 degrees are possible. 

Rigid tube cleaning nozzles are used for pipe and heat exchanger bundle cleaning. They are screwed onto rigid or flexible lances as tools and are suitable for pressures up to 2,800 bar. The configuration of the nozzles can vary. They are available with or without front beam or with radial bores.

These tube cleaning nozzles with their rotating jets ensure efficient cleaning of the entire circumference of the pipe. Deposits or grease can be removed from the pipe without leaving streaks. Even fine root ingrowths can be easily removed.

Rotor nozzles are attachments on spray guns or spray lances. They require no external energy for the drive and are therefore light and robust. Wear-free, adjustable eddy current brakes ensure flexible braking of the rotation. Thanks to different numbers and arrangements of nozzle inserts, rotor nozzles are a universal tool for applications such as paint stripping, roughening or surface preparation of concrete.

Special nozzles include poke nozzles and step nozzles. Poke nozzles can be used on rigid lances to clean heavily soiled or completely clogged pipes. Their special shape enables additional mechanical processing in addition to hydrodynamic processing.
Stage nozzles are suitable for cleaning slightly dirty pipes or for final cleaning of pre-cleaned pipes. With up to 36 holes, they ensure a very clean, streak-free surface.

In addition to the pump units, the high-pressure nozzles are important components for the various cleaning tasks. URACA offers a wide range of different nozzle types for the many applications. If you are looking for a specific nozzle, contact URACA now. Our experts would be happy to assist you in your selection.